Monday, December 19, 2011

Best Chicken Ball Rice in Melaka

YUP another outstation food trip made by woaimeishi.*huge grin*
First stop on Melaka--->THE CHICKEN BALL RICE!

Been to Melaka for a couple of times, but this is my first time to dine at Chong Hwa.
No doubt, Chung Hwa is the best.
Definitely better than those in Jonker Street, although others might have better decoration.
They will always be a line outside its shop,which deter me from trying in the past,not to mention there wont be any shaded corridor while waiting!

The only way to in and out.I bet they are blocking the doorway with chairs so that new customers wont jump queue.

We got lucky this time, waited for 5minutes and got a table.
Those who come on weekend usually waited for an hour or so.

look, so crowded even on a Thursday morning.

My favorite photo of the day!

AH-HA!The reason of the chicken being so tasty lies in that white pail between his legs.
He throw something into the pail every time he chopped a chicken.
I saw something like onions ginger some herbs?
They must have put those seasoning overnight into every chicken.
Random guess by the way.XD

cute,isn`t it?

For those who love heavy flavor.may look the same as the other steamed chicken,but is way lot of flavoring.

Close up!

A few kiasu Tips?:P
1. Weekday to avoid the queue.
2. Best time to go will be around 10am.
-not so crowded (Tourist dont get arrive that early?)
-a little cooler ( You wont have to suffer from the sweat even if you were to queue)
-the food always sold out by midday.

How to get here?
Remember this famous round-about?
3 o'clock direction!

Satay Celup coming up.

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